On tour: TRACES

In his latest creation, TRACES, Wim Vandekeybus follows the traces he has left. He looks back on the intuitions from where his search began: to the game of energies and intensities, impulses and instincts. The world premiere took place at December Dance in the context of Europalia Romania. Now on tour in Belgium and abroad. All dates here

On tour: INVITED

In INVITED, Seppe Baeyens formulates his artistic response to the question of how the audience can help write the choreography of a performance. Taking dance as a common language, he establishes a community embracing both cast and audience. INVITED was selected by Het TheaterFestival. All dates in our calendar

On tour: TrapTown and Go Figure Out Yourself

In TrapTown, Wim Vandekeybus takes you to oracles, catharsis and euphoria. The music is composed by Trixie Whitley. To a driving soundtrack of words, music and dance Go Figure Out Yourself invites you to surrender to an unpredictable expedition. All dates in our calendar