Book: The Rage of Staging

This new book The Rage of Staging features contributions by fellow artists, previously unpublished texts, scripts from his productions and films, and more than four hundred fascinating images. 

Documentary film WIM by Lut Vandekeybus

In her new film WIM, documentary film maker Lut Vandekeybus takes you on a journey through the poetic and complex universe of her brother, the choreographer and director Wim Vandekeybus. A spirited portrait. Check out the trailer on vimeo!

Revival: In Spite of Wishing and Wanting

In 1999, In Spite of Wishing and Wanting caused a huge stir. Wim Vandekeybus created a performance about a primal desire in a world of men alone: fierce, wild, naive and playful. Almost 20 years later, a completely new cast takes on the challenge of this world hit.