Speak low if you speak love ...

The rehearsals of Speak low if you speak love ... have started. Wim Vandekeybus is once again collaborating with Mauro Pawlowski and his friends. Classical stories are the inspiration for songs performed by South African singer Tutu Puoane.

Premiere of Tornar at BRONKS

Under the wing of Ultima Vez Seppe Baeyens is creating his first dance production. It is called Tornar and tells the story of people left after the passage of a tornado. Premiere on April 17th at BRONKS (BE).

What the Body Does Not Remember

The amazing debut of Wim Vandekeybus in 1987 stunned the world of dance at the time. Now, more than 25 years later, the show is once again on a world tour. Check the calendar for all the dates and venues.